Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a good lie

finding the right drift in new water
tests one’s curiosity in the unknown
riffles and back eddies
fishing out what we want most

adjusting the perception of the mix
to trace the line just so the drift
might lure out the lie of those
who need convincing most

each step up against the current’s press
through rock and gravel, sand and mire
adjusting the cast to tumble down, mend line
to slow it against the arguments in surface tension

a repetitive exercise in patience
persisting in a lie, to be fooled
by the anticipation that something
in fortune might change

to see a slight pause or envision
through broken sparkle
shadowy movement toward the fly and
the sudden surge of line and rod

play upon the presentation
arch and pull
fish or hooked to the earth

the fish or the the fisherman
taken in by the lie
that a fly works as truth
that a fly is the truth and will be taken as such
for some, one swing through the run is enough
for others, getting the right drift is a matter of casting
over and over, until it is the truth

Keep a tight line,

Steve Therrien

1 comment:

  1. Steve, you certainly can recommend by Blog. The coolest thing about blogs is that we all can be independent journalists in some shape or form. I like to write about Fly Fishing and Duck Hunting, and hope that perhaps a few fools will stumble across my drivel and like what they see. Blogs are perfect for that. Cheers.