Saturday, February 27, 2016

a place within a space

Sometimes you just go out there because you need to feel the press of the river and the heat of the sun on your back.  It's a little early.  The iced up snake guides are a welcome annoyance.  The ache of the arthritis in the thumb joint is just a reminder that you're still here on this good earth and on the water again.  You'll take that over a slippery commute or changing out a dead battery under a subzero hood.  There's movement and the vault of the sky and birds active in the trees.  It's what makes you and shapes meaning and purpose.  You'll take it because its what you do.

place within a space

is made of
unseen physics,
universal mechanics of
gravity, fluid dynamics
incline and pull
flow, swirl, friction,
mixing potential and hope
evidence that in all piscatorial endeavors
a spot in a spot
is a sure thing
that drifts through the present,
connects belonging
and place with the past

but a place within a space,
seems of probability,
drawn expectation from a seam
the real of seduction
a reasonable bet
lured into the temptation of reliability
mesmerizing fascination

exploits a possibility of promise
in defiance of those actions
that would be reasonable
even in the grip of obsession,

the warmth of truck heater
standing next to a fire
holding hot coffee in a tin cup
to thaw gnarled fingers from a frozen fist,
ice bricks back into feet
not to quit
when the rain
has pounded the river flat

a place within a space,
where a flash of scale
under the muscular press
and lacey flow
where all things stem
   where all things are
      made of this place

Keep a tight line and an open mind!

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